Friday, June 14, 2013

Missing in Action

I have not been doing a lot of sewing lately. I think there are a number of reasons.

It's winter and I like sewing summery stuff.  I race bikes and have been doing a lot of training lately and I started making a tailored jacket that I have got sick of so can't seem to get beyond that.

Last week my friend emailed me to see if I would make up a skirt for her friends little girl. I had no choice but to get the sewing machine out again. Whilst sewing this gorgeous little skirt my mojo came back and I figured out a few things about myself.

I like quick projects that I can sew in at least a couple of weeks. I like dresses and skirts mostly and I like pretty fabrics. I think my jacket has become boring. I am a Gemini after all! I tried to do memademay and gave up after a week!

Anyway, in short I think sewing the skirt has given me a lift. I have cleaned out the cobwebs in the sewing room and sorted fabric into wovens and knits, work in progress and future projects.

This is the skirt I made up this week. It is the same pattern as the tutti fruitti skirt I made last year.

handmade flower using this tutorial


Handmade Bias Binding

Me too busy racing bikes to sew!