Friday, May 8, 2015

Me Made May '15 Week One

Day 1. Made this blouse for the Burdastyle competition

Day 2. Girls night out! Had to rock the Stop Staring knock off

Day 3. Chillin' on a Sunday in my Staple Dress

Day 4. One of my favourites this week. Ready for School drop off in my Zebra Bomber

Day 5. Mixing it up in my red pleather jacket with self drafted Petal Pushers 

Day 6. Rugged up in my Summer Rose skirt. 

Day 7. Worked on some UFO's. 

Me-Made-May'15  is a challenge to encourage crafty folk who sew, knit, refashion and create stuff to actually wear their beautiful creations during the month of May instead of letting them pile up in a draw or wardrobe. It's fantastic as it forces you to look at your diy wardrobe and be a bit creative with it. I have dresses I love but think that they are too "nice" to wear during the day. But since starting the challenge I have thrown a dress on , layered it up with a jacket and scarf and voila an evening dress turns to day! Have had a few compliments at the School gate too!

Participants can come up with their own challenge pledge so that it is appropriate and also challenging for them. One of the most common pledges is to try and wear one diy or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May 2015. It's purely up to you as to what your challenge is. For example, a challenge might be to finish some of your UFO's (unfinished objects). I particularly like this challenge as I have a few projects on the go including a couture jacket (must get on it).

Check out Instagram #mmmay15 for some inspiration it is unbelievable how many talented diy fashionistas and crafty people are out there. I also love pinterest.

Here is my pledge

 'I, Annie, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear a diy garment at least 5 days of every week and work on UFO's on the other 2 days for the duration of May 2015'


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    1. Thanks! I've discovered it's very summery. We are having a very cold Autumn in Melbourne and I'm having to layer layer layer!! Think I need to sew a few more jackets.

  2. Your clothes are so colourful and I love the prints, especially the bomber jacket! I've also found that for my Me Made May, the weather is a lot colder than my handmade wardrobe thinks it is!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I love the bomber too.

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